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Tue, Oct 12, '21

Anduin Core Value Winner - Q3 2021

Anduin is pleased to announce the 2021 Q3 Core Value Winner!

Design Lead, Joshua Rudd, was selected by his A-Team peers as someone who displays Anduin's three core values: Trust, Courage, and Build


Tanner_Pease & Associates (2)At Anduin, our three core values are the shared foundation of the company and is the driving force behind everything we do. Recently, we created the Quarterly Core Value Award to recognize the Anduin employee who embodies Trust, Courage, and Build at every level of their work and interaction with projects, peers, and partners. The Quarterly Core Value Winner exemplifies our commitment to our values and makes us stronger.


Our Q3 winner, Joshua Rudd, is known for “his enthusiasm of building a great product AND a great company culture.”  He leads from the front when it comes to driving the Anduin culture and designing a customer-first product. He is all in, all the time.


Group 2267

Congratulations, Joshua!


"This person always makes time to help with anything he can. He also goes above and beyond to try to get to know people, which is important since we work remotely."

"He is always involved in any product-related conversation. He's always willing to jump in and work with others to accomplish tasks. His enthusiasm for not only building a great product, but also a great company culture shines through. Whether its going out of his way to set up a 1:1, or just doing our MTV Cribs house tour for our company meetings. He's someone I trust to do his due diligence and make my job much easier through his in depth loom videos on designs, ticket descriptions, and open dialog about urgent issues. He even steps in to help acceptance test some of our bugs when needed. He's a great member of the A-Team and would make an excellent first Anduin Core Value Winner."

"This nominee was an easy choice as he displays our three core values on a weekly basis. Despite the fact that he has a full load, he is calm, cool, and ALWAYS willing to help. One small but powerful moment sticks out as I was struggling to re-configure our Notion home page and messaged him with a question over the weekend with no expectation of a response. He immediately responded and jumped on video to send multiple alternate options. He went above and beyond on a Saturday morning to help troubleshoot something fairly trivial. He's one of the go-to people on our team when it comes to driving the Anduin culture and leading from the front. He is all in, all the time."

Thank you, Joshua, for your stellar work and for truly embracing Trust, Courage, and Build in all that you do and with every interaction you have with your peers and partners. We sincerely thank you for being a valued member of the A-Team.


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